Eng. Dhafir Mahmood Khalaf assumed his duties as Director General of DMA succeeding to the former Director General Eng. Khalid Rashad Jabbar.

The head of awareness and media Department,Mrs. Muntaha Khudair, said that receiving the new administrative tasks is done in accordance with the ministerial order no. 131 on 29 September 2020 issued by the office of the Minister of Health and Environment, Dr.Hassan Mohammed Abbas AL-Temimi.

Khudair added that the reception ceremony took place in presence of the Director General of Technical Department of Ministry of Environment, the Former Director General and his Assistant as well as the heads of departments and RMACs, where it has been welcomed of Eng.Dhafir Mahmood Khalaf and praised the efforts made by the previous administration of Eng.Khalid Rashad Jabbar in implementing the activities of national mine action program  in accordance with the international and national standards and procedures.