The Directorate for Mine Action, one of the directorates of the Ministry of Health and Environment, held a technical meeting in order to follow up the activities of national mine action program at the headquarters of Kirkuk governorate.

The Director General of DMA, Eng.Dhafir Mahmood, who headed the technical delegation of his directorate, joined by the head of RMAC-North, head of planning and information department, head of operations and QC depatment and some of concerned technicians, said that the meeting, which chaired by the Deputy Governor of Kirkuk for technical affairs, Eng. Ali Hommadi, and representatives of governorate including National Security, Federal Police, Explosives Control Directorate, Civil Defense, Ministry of Defense, as well as the Director of JCMC, discussed the works of mine action, facilitating the activities of accredited organizations and companies, providing the support to governmental agencies and discussing the priorities. 

Mahmood indicated that the technical delegation of his directorate conducted field visits in the governorate which included the work site of HI (French organization) for survey and clearance activities in Basheer area within Taza sub-district, the site of Tetra tech company, in addition to visit the administrative site of the Iraqi Al-Ghad Association to look into the most important challenges that face the works of organizations and  companies in order to take the necessary measures for overcoming them.