The Directorate for Mine Action held a technical meeting , today, Tuesday, with the Military Attache’ of British Embassy, (Liyam Baird) at the headquarters of DMA in Baghdad.

The Director General of DMA, Eng. Dhafir Mahmood, said that the meeting included discussing the activities of the Iraqi national mine action program in the survey and clearance fields of the contaminated areas with indicating to the challenges that face those activities and the most important needs that are possible provided by British companies within the framework of international support for the Iraqi national mine action program.

Mahmood added that the meeting also included discussing the desire of British companies and organizations to work within the activities of the Iraqi national mine action program which contributes in reducing the  injuries caused by the explosions of mines, ERW, cluster munitions and IEDs   as there are including within the priorities of governmental work plan for DMA from one side, and the work priorities within the international support efforts on the other side.