The Directorate for Mine Action announced the completion of supervision works of clearing Nineveh Pharmaceutical Factory in Tilkeef district/ Nineveh province.

The Director General of DMA, Eng.Dhafir Mahmood, said that the technical staff of RMAC-North, managed to complete the supervision on clearance works of Nineveh Pharmaceutical Factory in two phases, the first one, which implemented by Tetra Tech Company, included lifting (2659) various types of munitions and exploded items, whereas the second one, carried out by EOD division in Nineveh Civil Defense Directorate, included lifting and disposal of three aircraft bombs weighing (500) pounds.

Mahmood added that Nineveh Pharmaceutical Factory/Ministry of Industry and Minerals, which its area is (890440) square meter and has (1700) employee, has been ruined by ISIS terrorist gangs before the liberation of province from those gangs.