The Directorate for Mine Action held the second technical meeting of accreditation granting committee of 2021, today, Monday, at the HQ of directorate in Baghdad.

The Director General of DMA, Eng.Dhafir Mahmood, said that the meeting was attended by the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health and Environment, Dr.Kamran Ali Hassan, and also the committee members who are representatives from Ministries of Defense and Interior, the supported entities for the Iraqi national mine action program and a number of the heads of RMACs and Departments in DMA.The meeting included discussing and taking the technical measures related to the activities of organizations and companies working within the Iraqi national mine action program.

Mahmood added that the meeting also included discussing some issues related to granting accreditation and discussing the requests submitted by mine action organizations and companies as well as taking the appropriate measures of activities related to those companies and organizations after reviewing the recommendations contained in the report of operational committee and security checking, in addition to taking the measures of renewing accreditation and including the operational activities of companies working in the fields of quality control, quality assurance, survey, clearance and explosive ordnance risk education.