On Thursday, the Director General of DMA, Eng. Dhafir Mahmood Khallaf, and the delegation accompanied him, met the Director of Training Center of Explosive Combating Directorate and discussed with him the joint technical cooperation frameworks.
The official spokesman of DMA, explained that the director of training center presented a detailed presentation on the nature of center work and what are the technical and humanitarian capabilities that the center has at the present time which would provide the best skills, experiences and trainings for all the staff working in various mine action fields, indicating that the center at the moment is graduating one of its training course related to females working in mine action.
From his part, the Director General of DMA stressed during this meeting the need to take advantage from the great capabilities and expertise of center on the level of training and developing the skills of staff working in EOD and the clearance of contaminated areas with IEDs and other conventional weapons that are excessively harmful and indiscriminate in effects which laid down by ISIS terroris