The Directorate for Mine Action / RMAC-North/Operations Section and the Gender Unit, in cooperation with the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), carried out the works of quality assurance (QA) on the survey and clearance activities carried out by the implemented authorities in Nineveh Governorate.

 From his part, The Director-General of DMA, Eng.Dhafir Mahmood Khallaf, said that the QA work carried out by DMA teams on the survey and clearance activities carried out by one of the international implemented authorities was for the hazardous areas registered in the national database, within Mosul, Tilkeef, Makhmour and Tal’far districts , in addition to the clearance work for the remaining part of the old city of Mosul.

 Mahmoud added that the Norwegian and Swedish

Ambassadors had accompanied the field operational team of DMA to the work site of MAG in Nineveh Governorate, Tilkeef district, as they are the countries that finance and support the implementation of mine action carried out by