The Directorate for Mine Action conducted its intensive investigations about the incident that occurred last week in Nineveh Governorate, Tilkeef District, and affected a number of GCS employees.

 From his part, the Director General of the Directorate for Mine Action, Eng. Dhafir Mahmood Khallaf, stated that his department is committed to ensuring the necessary measures that ensure the security and safety of employees working in the national mine action program in general and all UN missions, pointing out that these procedures and measures were in coordination with our courageous security forces .

 It is noteworthy that an unfortunate incident occurred last week in Tilkeef district within Nineveh governorate, by an explosive device belonging to the ISIS terrorist gangs which affected a number of employees of the Swiss company GCS, where the injuries were light, and all the injured were discharged from the hospital after conducting the necessary medical examinations for them