The Director General of the Iraqi Department of Mine Affairs, Mr. Bakr Sahib Ahmed, met today, Monday, in his office with Mr. Hein Becker, Vice President of the Iraq Program at Hello Trust, and discussed with him the mine action to be implemented in Anbar Province.
The official spokesman for the department stated that Mr. Baker offered the Department of Mine Action to provide him with an area of ​​contaminated land in the districts of Fallujah and Karma within Anbar Governorate, provided that it has humanitarian and development priorities so that his organization can start clearing it, provided that it is invested humanely and economically at a
later time.
And the media spokesman added that the presentation made by Mr. Baker included his organization's readiness to support the needs of the Mine Action Department at the level of training, qualification, development and technical capacity building.
It is noteworthy that the Department of Mine Action is running a national program for managing mine affairs in Iraq, with what it entails of an official national effort and unofficial local and