The Directorate for Mine Action / RMAC-south, in cooperation with organizations and companies working in the various fields of mine action, carried out awareness campaigns in the governorates of Basra, Maysan and Al-Muthanna, targeting sites attended by citizens for hiking purposes, which are close to some contaminated areas.
From his part, the Director General of DMA, Mr. Bakir Sahib Ahmed, indicated that the awareness teams of the RMAC-south, in cooperation with the awareness teams of NPA, DDG/DRC, the Arab Consulting Team Company, Technical Expertise Company, Oasis Company, Ta’az Company, and the Arabian Gulf Company, had implemented Intensive awareness campaigns targeting citizens hiking near these contaminated areas and informing them of the importance of calling the free phone numbers to report any suspicious foreign objects in order to take the necessary measures by the specialized technical teams in this field.
It is noteworthy that DMA is constantly implementing awareness and guidance campaigns targeting all affected communities of
those risks.