On Wednesday, the Minister of Environment, Eng. Nizar Amidi, while chairing a meeting of the Supreme National Committee for Mine Action, stressed the seriousness of the Ministry of Environment and the Directorate for Mine Action in particular to declare Iraq free of mines by 2028, in accordance with Iraq's obligations towards Ottawa Convention (anti-personnel mine ban convention).

From his part, Mr. Bakir Sahib Ahmed, who is the in charge Director General of DMA, explained that the committee had voted on a number of decisions included in the agenda of meeting that would serve the work of the national mine action program in general and the supported ministries and sectoral bodies.

 It is noteworthy that the Supreme National Committee for Mine Action, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, who authorized the Minister of Environment to chair this session, as it includes in its membership all relevant implemented bodies and holds periodic meetings to approve some decisions related to the national mine action program.