The Directorate for Mine Action launched a joint operations group under the supervision of the Director General of DMA, Dr. Sabah Hassan Al-Hussaini, with the membership of representatives of the Popular Mobilization Authority/ the Explosives Directorate and the Ministry of Defense/ the Engineering Support Department.

From his part, the official spokesperson of DMA stated that joint technical field teams between DMA and the Directorate of Explosives had conducted field and site surveys to evaluate the sites that had previously been cleared by the Mobilization Department of  explosives, thus allowing them to be approved within the database of DMA (IMSMA), whether they were cleared fully or it may be necessary to refer it to a national authority

in order to complete the clearance work on it later.

It is noteworthy that the Popular Mobilization Authority had been officially approved as one of the parties of the national effort to clear mines and ERW for humanitarian purposes, in addition to the already existing national effort represented by the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which would thus constitute a qualitative addition to the level of clearance of mines and other war remnants for humanitarian purposes in the various affected regions of Iraq in general