On Wednesday, the Director General of DMA reviewed, in his office, the presentation made by SeaTera German company specialized in detection of mines and other military munitions by using the drones.

From his part, the official spokesman of DMA stated that the Regional Manager of company's branch in the Middle East, Mr. Haitham Al-Masry, and one of its technical experts presented a detailed and accurate presentation, which was attended by a representative of the German Embassy and a representative of UNMAS, Mr. Haitham Al-Rubaie, as well as a representative of the Engineering Support Directorate, in addition to the presence of heads of RMACs and departments. This presentation dealt with the characteristics of these drones and what technological capabilities they have to detect mines and other UXO (surface and sub-surface), as well as their other production characteristics and sensor capabilities to determine the contaminated coordinates, as well as weather conditions and extreme temperatures. which it can work with, as well as the informational maps and other technical characteristics that will be tested on site to determine the appropriateness of its use according to Iraq’s weather conditions of high temperatures in summer and the nature of the existing contamination.

It is noteworthy that DMA is currently preparing, in cooperation with the national effort, to launch a project for conducting clearance in Al-Faw district / Basra Governorate and Badia Al-Simawa from mines and other military ammunition, because of the strategic, economic and agricultural importance of these sites that constitute the next hope of Iraq