The Directorate for Mine Action, in cooperation with Handicap International HI, for the period from 5-6 of the current month, implemented a joint workshop under the title (Lessons learned from the victim support project and the development of an action plan to implement the axes of Victim Assistance Standard 13-10), which had been launched recently with technical support directly by Handicap International and other partners.

From his part, The Director General of DMA, Dr. Sabah Hassan Al-Hussaini, explained in his speech presented in this regard, that the Iraqi government with all its concerned institutions are interested with victim assistance file, as the government victim assistance program is the best among all national programs in the world Indicating that the victims are now receiving great medical, economic, social and rehabilitative services that will ensure their reintegration into society again.

In addition to, the Director of Programs at HI, Ms. Daniela Maria Posta, for her part, explained that Iraq is the first country in the world that now has a national standard compatible with IMAS specialized in the field of victim assistance, which is considered a great achievement.

From her side, the head of Victim Assistance Department at DMA, Eng. Alaa Fadhel, indicated that this workshop is for the purpose of learning from previous lessons in cooperation with HI, which culminated in the launch of the NMAS of Victim Assistance, as well as the development of procedural plans for the implementation of this standard and in accordance with the articles of the approved strategy recently.

It is noteworthy that there is a remarkable cooperation between DMA and HI, as well as the rest of the national partners represented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, the governorates, civil society organizations and other international and local partners, which resulted in this outstanding success to be an international achievement and an Iraqi success story in dealing with this great and important humanitarian file.

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