Year of incorporation: 2001

About the organization:

IMMAP is an international not-for-profit organization that provides information management services to humanitarian and development organizations, enabling partners to make informed decisions that ultimately provide high-quality targeted assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

We support humanitarian actors to solve operational and strategic challenges. Our pioneering approach facilitates informed and effective emergency preparedness, humanitarian response, and development aid activities by enabling evidence-based decision-making for UN agencies, humanitarian cluster/sector leads, NGOs, and government operations.

iMMAP has been at the forefront of information management support for humanitarian clusters (UN and International NGOs): Logistics, WASH, Health, Protection, Education, Nutrition, Camp Management, Protection, Food Security, and Gender-Based Violence.

Since 2003, iMMAP has worked to establish a common operating picture (COP) for Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) in Iraq. We work with the Iraqi government and its partners to build the capacity to manage explosive ordnance (EO) mitigation activities. With support from the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA), we help partners to identify and prioritize which areas are in greatest need of assistance and improve coordination efforts by tracking who is doing what and where.

iMMAP´s Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) and geographic information system (GIS) technical expertise supports the Directorate of Mine Action Iraq (DMA) and Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (IKMAA) to develop and maintain a reliable information management cell to produce maps and reports for EO planning, prioritization and clearance activities. Our custom-built IMSMA and IMSMANG add-on tools, as well as our open-source iMMAP Mine Action Analysis Toolkit (iMAAT) help HMA responders fill information gaps in humanitarian operations. Furthermore, iMMAP is working on development projects with government institutions to improve the local business development, strengthening of the private sector and access to employment targeting Iraqi youth.