Law and Consultation Division: 

Representing the department before courts, bodies and committees with judicial and legal competence, proposing and appointing lawyers in some cases.

Contribute to the preparation of legislation for the department and follow up the procedures for its issuance with the relevant authorities and provide legal advice to the Director General.

Participate in committees and organize and ratify undertakings and guarantees related to the department's work.

Contribute to seminars, conferences and seminars related to the work of the department and provide legal opinion on those seminars and conferences.

Participation in the investigative committees formed in the department.

 Division of Certifications and Authorizations: 

· Signing and approving organizational pledges by representatives of organizations and companies working in the field of mine action.

· Participate in the authorization-granting body and its sub-committees.

Division of International Cooperation:  

· Follow-up of the international agreements of the department.

Preparing and submitting annual transparency reports on the agreements.

Provide expertise and technical advice on the agreement and its provisions to the concerned authorities.

Preparing correspondence with ministries and international bodies accredited by agreements.

Follow-up meetings, courses and seminars related to these agreements, which are carried out by international bodies such as the United Nations, the Geneva International Center and others.