It is an agreement aimed at imposing a strict ban on the use, production, storage and transfer of cluster munitions. Th

e term “cluster munitions” is intended to scatter or release explosive sub munitions that lead to death, physical or psychological injury, in addition to economic loss.

The goal of the agreement: -

 1 - Addressing the challenge of removing cluster munitions planted in various parts of the world, and ensuring their destruction.

2- Provide adequate assistance, taking into account age and gender, including medical care, rehabilitation and psychological support, and ensure their social and economic integration.

3- Works to prohibit, restrict or suspend the use, storage and production of cluster munitions

. Iraq's accession: -

· Iraq signed the agreement on 11/13/2009.

Iraq joined the agreement on May 15, 2013. It entered into force on 1/11/2013.

The text of the agreement was published in the Iraqi Al-Waqa’i newspaper issue No. 4263 dated January 14, 2013.

The first transparency report was submitted in the Mine Action Department’s letter No. 684 on 9/6/2014.

General commitments: -

Each State Party pledges not to undertake under any circumstances:

   A - to use cluster munitions.

   b- Developing cluster munitions, producing them, or possessing them in any other way, storing them, keeping them, or transferring them to any place, directly or indirectly.

  C- Assisting, encouraging or urging anyone, in any way, to carry out activities prohibited to a      state party under this agreement.