It is an agreement which aim is to reach a world free of mines by having all countries of the world sign the agreement and abide by its terms and work to remove all contaminated sites and support the victims and the affected.  The term "anti - personal mine" is every mine that lead to paralyzing in capabilities or wounding or killing one or more persons.

The goal of the agreement: -

1 - Addressing the challenge represented in removing anti-personnel mines planted in various parts of the world and ensuring their destruction.

2- Works to provide assistance for the care and rehabilitation of mine victims, including their social and economic reintegration.

3- It works to prohibit, restrict or suspend the use, stockpiling and production of anti-personnel mines and it's transferring.

Iraq's accession: -

· Iraq joined the agreement on 15/8/2007. It entered into action on 1/2/2008.

· The text of the agreement was published in the issue of Al-Waqa'i Al-Iraqi Newspaper No. 4089 dated 6/10/2008.

· The first transparency report was submitted

· The first supplementary transparency report No. 129 dated 3/16/2009 was submitted.

The second supplementary transparency report No. 190 dated 4/20/2010 was submitted.

The third complementary transparency report No. 554 dated 5/12/2011 was submitted.

The fourth complementary transparency report No. 256 dated 3/22/2012 was submitted.

The fifth supplementary transparency report No. 371 dated 4/23/2013 was submitted.

The sixth complementary transparency report No. 516 dated 4/24/2014 was submitted.

General Obligations:

    Each State Party pledges not to undertake, under any circumstances,

     a- to use anti-personnel mines.                                                                                                                                    

    b- Developing or producing anti-personnel mines or possessing them in any other way, or storing them or keeping them or moving them to a place, directly or indirectly.

    C- Aiding, encouraging or urging anyone, in any way, to carry out activities prohibited to a state party under this agreement.

                    Each State Party undertakes to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.