The Awareness and Media department manages the awareness program on the dangers of mines and war remnants, in coordination with all relevant stakeholders, and manages the media side of the Mine Action Department. 

Education and awareness division 


Activities that seek to reduce the risk of mines and remnants of war by raising awareness and encouraging the change of wrong behavior to safe behavior. 

through :

Education and training 

Spread the information 

community contact

Educating communities about areas and villages close to pollution in order to reduce injuries and accidents resulting from the explosion of war remnants, mines and explosives. 

Follow-up publications and publications related to awareness-raising activities 

- Designing the necessary publications for awareness-raising work and the leaflets used, taking into account the appropriate educational messages for each type of pollution 

Develop plans and programs necessary to develop awareness-raising activities to reach all beneficiaries and change their behavior to a safe one

Follow-up the work of organizations and companies working in the field of awareness of the dangers of mines and war remnants 

Media division 

- Editing news and publishing it through various media 

- TV filming of the Mine Action Department's field and office activities 

- Producing awareness films for adults and children according to age groups and according to the type of pollution for each region 

- Follow-up and monitoring of educational films presented by organizations and granting approvals for their production in a manner appropriate to educational work