Planning Division

- Preparing annual plans for the Department of Mine Action, in cooperation with the centers and departments affiliated to the department.

-Preparing long and med-term strategic plans in cooperation with the supporting authorities, other ministries and other concerned parties.

-Follow-up the implementation of the annual plan of the department and indicate the percentage of deviation in it and try to address it through the development of alternative plans.

-Participate in the preparation of the structure and the setting of tasks and duties for all departments and centers.




· Implementation of all training programs to develop and increase capabilities for mine action in order to raise the efficiency and performance of workers in the mine action program, such as clearance, survey work, quality control work, as well as awareness of mine risks, victim assistance and information management.




Follow-up projects of ministries and provinces affected by mines, which are supervised by our department (survey - Clearance).


Projects implemented by our department, such as projects (awareness - victims - non-technical survey).


Follow-up projects through official books and field visits.


Preparing a database for the Projects Division, which is updated periodically.


Classifying projects according to numbers and governorates, and classifying them according to regional centers.


Identify ongoing, completed and compatible projects.


Division of Total Quality Management


Conducting a process of evaluating the performance of employees according to a form prepared by the Department of Total Quality Management.


Conducting the institutional evaluation process according to a form prepared by the Total Quality Management Department.


Identifying weaknesses in the departments through conducting a process of evaluating the institutional and individual performance.


Coordinating with the Quality Management Department to determine the type of international quality standard and seeking to apply it in the department.


Preparing a work procedures manual for the department.