Requirements of Desk Accreditation

1.Registration & establishment certification, for entity.

2.The organizational & administrational structure.

3.A list of the equipment & appliances of the entity.

4.A list of the names of employees working at the entity, with the form of security checking for Iraqi's, the assort, qualifications, and CV for foreign workers, and the payment of fees of security checking procedures.

5.Two copies of Standard Operational Procedures(SOP), with CD, and the payment fees of SOP studying.

6.A request of intended mine action activities.

Requirements of Operational Accreditation

1.Studying and approve the(SOP).

2.Perform an operational demonstration.

3.Payment of the requested fees and financial acquittal as well as legal responsibility.

4.Signe the organizational pledge of the form of DMA by the manager of the entity or, by authorized person.

5.Present a medical insurance and responsibility toward the(third person), in case of contract with all workers in mine action, The sum of insurance in case of death or injury is (30, 000) thirty thousand US Dollar. 


1.Apply standard work procedures(2) paper copies with CD.

2.Pay additional activity fee about 1000, 000 IQD.

3.Each company require minimum crow of 6 members, (2 level 4 in IEDD, 4 members) how had level 3 degree in device disposal, these certificate must be issued from(BASMAYA school of disposal / ministry of Defense or ministry of enterer / directorate of explosive). 

4.A security cheek up is required to the designated and pay fees about(100 thousand IQD) to each employee.

5. if a company owns an international certificate it must be cheeked with the ministry of foreign affairs also cheek their calefactions by test the workers in the field and see their protection tactics and equivalent their certificate by Ministry of Defense 

6.Finishing operational demonstration with all previous requirements and paying all the necessary fees.

REQUIRMENTS Adding Activity for (UNDER - WATER demining)

1.Presenting standard operating procedures(SOP).

2.Paying additional activity fees about(1000, 000) IQD.

3.A company must be own at least(2 - 5) trained members experienced(super visors') who had all the required certificates from recognized bodies, also to be security cleared. 

4.Prepare all necessary(under - water) equipment according to national and international standards, movable medical unit for AIDS and all other requirement as motioned in national and international standards.

5.Finishing operational demonstration before granting operational license with all previous requirements and paying all the necessary fees.

Operational Accreditation Activities

1.Technical Survey.

2.Non - Technical Survey.

3.Roads Clearance.

4.Manual Demining.

5.Under - Water Clearance.

6.Explosive Ordnance Disposal(EOD).

7.Information management.

8.Mechanical Clearance.

9.Mine Risk Education(MRE).

10.Quality Management Activities / Quality Assurance(Q.A) & Quality Control(QC).

11.Mine Detecting Dogs(MDD).

12.Battle Areas Clearance(Surface and Sub - surface).

13.Improvised explosive device disposal IEDD.

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